Fish Hoek

Fish Hoek boasts a lively young population and is a firm favourite among tourists both local and international. Fish Hoek may lack the completely bohemian atmosphere of Kalk Bay or even Muizenberg, but it makes up for it with its hospitality and natural beauty that is out of this world.


Fish Hoek Beach

The biggest attraction in Fish Hoek, without a doubt, is the beach. It’s one mile of pure white sand in a little bay all of its own, where the currents aren’t too strong and the waves aren’t too big. One half of the beach is given over to swimmers only, while the other half provides dog owners ample space for their beasts to run free, play fetch with seaweed and bound in and out of the waves. A walk along the entire stretch is a must, but don’t forget to touch the old pylons at the end or else it doesn’t count.

There are plenty of lifeguards to keep swimmers safe and a shark spotter is in place every day between 07h00 and 18h45 (winter 08h00 to 18h00). Hours are extended in peak summer months.

There is a little tidal pool (Skelly’s or Skellies) along Jager Walk that is safe for kids, a playground right at the entrance and three eateries ranging from takeaways to fine dining.

Jager Walk (known locally as the Cat Walk)

Technically this is part of the beach, but it deserves a section of its own. Jager Walk follows the curve of the bay from Fish Hoek Beach to the whale watching spot just before Sunny Cove. It’s lined with benches where regular bathers stake their claim and while away the hours watching the waves. On the other side there is nothing but rocks and the sea. At high tide the waves crash all the way over the walk so be prepared to get a bit wet.

Elsie’s Peak

Elsie’s Peak is the mountain that separates Fish Hoek from Glencairn and Simon’s Town. There is a lovely walk from the parking lot opposite Regal Cycles all the way to top where you can see forever, or, failing that, across the bay to Gordon’s Bay and on the other side to Noordhoek and Long Beach. It’s not a tough walk so you don’t have to be particularly fit to give it a go.

Shin Thai Asian Restaurant

Shin Thai is an unassuming restaurant tucked away on Beach Road and is often overlooked by tourists who would rather eat at the beach or settle for the first restaurant or café they come across. This is unfortunate because its food is simply the best in the little town and the owners and waitresses the friendliest you’re likely to encounter. Everything on the menu is delicious, but the Thai Green Curry, Coconut Prawn, Bami Goreng and Sweet and Sour Beef are recommended.

Clovelly Country Club

Clovelly Country Club is not actually in Fish Hoek but it’s so close it might as well be. As you come down Main Road from Kalk Bay there is a set of traffic lights, turn left onto Clovelly Road and follow it until you see the signs for the club. It has a golf course considered by many to be among the best in the Cape, bowling greens and tennis courts.

Getting there

Fish Hoek is accessible via Main Road and Ou Kaapse Weg.